The Roompact Recap for Summer 2021

Get Ready for Staff Training and Move In! Hello Friends! It’s hard to believe it's time to start preparing for move in! To help get you ready, we've compiled a number of updates for you in this quarter's Roompact Recap. We've also created a checklist for you of common tasks to accomplish to ensure you're ready to... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Spring 2021

The End Is In Sight! We hope this email finds you well as many of you reach towards the end of your semesters and quarters. Good luck to you and your team. We've been busy these past few weeks and have a number of new resources and updates to share with you. Take Survey, Win Prizes At Roompact... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Fall 2020

A New Overhauled Support Portal We hope this email finds you, your family, and colleagues safe and well. We know it's been a crazy time to be in residence life and we're here to support you all the way.We've been making some updates to our support portal to be better able to serve you: Completely... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Spring 2019

Springtime is here! As the semester or quarter winds down for many of you, we're busy with adding and enhancing software features for the upcoming year. We've also been busy on the road doing a number of residential curriculum workshops across the country. So far this year we've traveled from Wisconsin, to California, Nebraska, Indiana,... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Winter 2019

Happy New Year! We're feeling optimistic about 2019 and hope you are too. Here's to achieving our resolutions and making an impact! With this Quarterly Recap we're excited to announce a number of new developments. We released a new curriculum explainer video, added a new team member, and biggest of all, we entered into a... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Fall 2018

We hope your fall semester is moving along smoothly now that the rush of opening has subsided. While you've been busy with acclimating your students to a new academic year, we've been heading to conferences across the country and have relished the opportunity to meet with many of you. Thank you for your continued passion... Continue Reading →

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