The Roompact Recap for Fall 2021

Take time to breathe!

Hello Friends! I know it’s been an incredible difficult time for most of you as you work towards a re-opened campus. We’re sending you good juju as many of you reach the midpoint of the term.

We’ve got a few updates for you that should hopefully make your work a little easier. Hang in there!

Software Updates

We’ve added some new options to include when you download detailed reports from within Forms. When you’re in a Review Mode on a newly created form, you now have the ability to include the form Author’s Email, Student ID, and Room Assignment (both at the time they filled out the form and where their current assignment may be if they moved).

This can be incredibly useful for resident forms as you now no longer need to ask them any of this information. You can pull it in automatically (and accurately) from our database.

Note that these columns are not enabled by default. To add them, just click the Show/Hide Columns button to turn them on.

Roompact Contest 2021 Q4

Blog Post Contest

Want to share your thoughts? Roompact is holding a blog post writing contest! Put your thoughts to paper and you could win a prize ($100 gift card!). All winners will also receive a personalized caricature of themselves done by our artist.

As the pandemic continues (re-emerges? recedes?), it is becoming clear that it will have some permanent long-term impacts on the fields of college and university residence life and housing. What will these changes be? Or what should these changes be? Let us know by writing a one-page single spaced blog post about one aspect of this change of your choosing.

This contest is open to higher education professionals at colleges and universities (regardless of whether your institution is a Roompact campus, or not). Email it to us as an attachment to from your institutional email address (*.edu) with your name (as you want it attributed in your post), institution, and a high-quality forward-facing headshot of you to be turned into a caricature.

The blog post must be sent by December 31st at midnight local (your) time to be considered!

Roompact Door Dec Winners 2021

Check Out Our Door Dec Contest Winners!

Our winners have been announced! Check out all the great creativity coming from some of your fellow Roompact professionals and student staff.

Congratulations to the staff members at Univesity of Colorado Boulder, Oklahoma State University, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Univesity of Texas at Austin, Wilson College, Michigan Tech University, and the University of Texas at Dallas.

Roompact Training

Software Training Recording

At the end of September, we held a virtual training for staff members who were either new to Roompact, or for current staff who needed a refresher. This training goes over all Roompact features from beginning to end. If you missed it and would like to watch, we’ve made the video available on our support portal.

Upcoming Conferences

In-person conferences are back and Roompact will be there! We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events.

Stop by our booth and say hello!

Roompact Users Conference

Heading to ICA? Hold Your Schedule…

Our Roompact User’s Conference… in a “mini” format with social distancing.  We’re mixing it up a bit this year and will be holding a more abbreviated Roompact Update and Meet-Up session. The event will still be on-site and preceding the Institute on the Curricular Approach.

Sunday, October 10 from 4-6pm
at the Westin O-Hare

If you plan on attending, just email us to RSVP and we’ll make sure to send you the finalized room location and other details.

Res Ed Chat

New Episodes of the #ResEdChat Podcast

The Roompact ResEdChat podcast is a digital variety hour of presentations, webinars, and interviews on topics of interest to residence life and education professionals who work in college and university housing.

Check out some of our latest episodes:

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