The Roompact Recap for Summer 2020

Preparing for the Fall…

This quarterly recap is focused on getting you ready to open your campuses for a very different Fall than usual. As you prepare, please remember that the Roompact staff is here to help you every step of the way. We appreciate the work you do and the meaning and impact it has on your students. Stay healthy and safe. We care about you.

Move-in Season is upon us! To make sure everything is ready to go in your Roompact environment, we have created a Move-In Checklist. Before residents get to campus run through these 6 tasks to make sure we are ready for a successful move-in! Each task is detailed thoroughly in this support article post.

  • Import New Staff: Roompact provides a backend tool to upload several staff members at once or you can use Account Management to add and edit staff accounts manually.
  • Data Feed: Make sure to confirm with your IT department/HMS that data is ready to go and is being sent to Roompact.
  • Resident welcome emails: Draft your own welcome email to send in Message Center or let us know when you’d like the default welcome message sent. If you are not connected to an SSO provider in Roompact, you will need to use the default welcome emails.
  • Agreements: If you use Agreements, remember to set your agreement templates to the relevant buildings prior to fall residents logging in.
  • Resources: Remember to update any out of date resources and check out the new category functionality!
  • Housing Contact: Add a housing or ResLife contact in the Help section of Roompact.
  • Read more…

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Roompact University

Templates for your Staff Virtual Training

Because many schools are moving to virtual formats for their professional staff and student staff training programs, we wanted to remind you that we have a number of pre-made presentations you can flip to fit your needs. Head over to the training section our support portal to download copies. We’ll be adding a few additional trainings on Schedule and Roommate Agreements in the coming weeks.

COVID-19COVID-19 Help and Resources

We’ve curated some resources to help you in navigating what residence education will look like for the Fall. Check out our COVID-19 blog page for more information.

Roompact users can access additional resources curated specifically for their needs that include suggestions and guides on how Roompact’s software can help in your response to COVID-19:

Virtual Communities

Blog Post: Planning For Residence Life and Education in the Fall Under COVID-19: Student Learning and Community in Digital and Virtual Residence Halls

Resources Feature

Software Updates

There have been three software updates since we last connected:

  1. Term Rollover Elimination – This will likely be invisible to most of you, but we no longer need to archive and create fresh terms at the end of each academic year. As a result, the “View Archived Data” feature has changed, and, in a future update, staff members will be able to be assigned an access start and end date.
  2. Resources Upgrade – The Resources tab, which is a great place for your manuals, policy information, curriculum documents, and facilitation guides/lesson plans, now gains folders (categories). These categories also have more granular permission levels (Resident, RA, RD, and Administrator) and can be easily reordered as you wish. Learn more…
  3. Housing Contact – At Roompact, we often receive support emails from students that include campus-specific housing questions we cannot answer. To help students get their questions answered directly, we’ve now added the ability for campuses to set a housing contact that will show up in the help section of our software. This contact can direct students to a webpage or directly to an email address of your choice. Make sure to update yours! Learn more…

Roompact Webinars

This past quarter, Roompact had an amazing partnership with the professionals at the University of South Florida. We co-sponsored a series of four webinars on topics related to academic initiates and residential education. Check out the recordings here:

Roompact Users Conference

Our Users Conference is Going Virtual!

The Roompact User’s Conference is going FULLY VIRTUAL! Although we’ll miss seeing you in person, we’re excited about the new opportunities this provides to reach more of you. We are currently planning for a series of sessions in October and November. Look out for more information about this opportunity to take your Roompact usage to new heights and hear how others users are utilizing Roompact’s software in innovative ways!

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