Residence life professionals are educators, and one of our most sacred responsibilities is ensure that students are learning, developing, and growing throughout their residential experience. Whether you utilize a program model or have a residential curriculum, there are a number of ways we can help keep you organized and maximize opportunities for resident learning and development.

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Events in Roompact

Automated Program Proposals

Your program process can be automated with Roompact. Staff members can propose events to their supervisor, who can then either approve, deny, or propose revisions to them. After completion, staff will be prompted to input assessment data. Events are also filterable and viewable to all staff, creating a program idea repository.

Track Staff Programming Requirements

Roompact’s software also allows you to pull important numbers about your programming to track staff completion of requirements. You can view your programming data from multiple angles. This can also be helpful for annual reports.

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Screenshot of Attendance


Want to know how many residents attended your programs and which ones? Roompact’s attendance tracking allows you to collect this information in multiple ways:

  • Resident scan by QR code
  • Manual logging by staff
  • Import of attendance lists from other sources

Quan Phan

“My experience with Roompact has been absolutely amazing. Their customer services as well as their commitment to students’ development in the residence halls are undeniable, and it has helped our residential curriculum become more engaging and student-facing.”

Quan Phan, University of Oklahoma

The Only Software Partner of the Institute on The Curricular Approach

Although Roompact works with schools who represent a range of educational models and approaches, we have particular expertise, features, and training programs for campuses utilizing a residential curriculum or curricular approach. We work closely with and are endorsed by ACPA, the initiators of this approach. We also produce and curate a number of free professional development resources on the topic.


Store Facilaition Guides and Create Data Collection Instruments

For departments that utilize a curricular approach, your facilitation guides are often at the heart of your residential curriculum. Roompact’s software offers a number of different ways you can store your facilitation guides and related assessment data instruments. You can also develop reflection worksheets and other tools to engage with your residents.

Example of a reflection worksheet in Forms.

Make Sense of You Intentional Conversations

Intentional conversation data is often incredibly difficult to make sense of and to translate into actionable data. Roomapct makes this easy. Data from your conversations can be aggregated to look at trends campus-wide or in specific communities. Your data can also be viewed on an individual student basis. Find out which residents are engaged and follow up with those that are not.

Chronological Views

Roompact’s software allows you to view timelines of your data when you need to understand it as a journey through time. Our archive mode also allows you to view data from and compare it to prior years.

Departmental Portal

Roompact’s software will become your main departmental portal. Through our customization options and the ability to add your own links and resources, Roomapct will be the first stop for many of your staff.

In The Cloud

Roompact’s software exists in the cloud. This allows you to access it anywhere, anytime, and on any device as long as you have an internet connection.

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This mini-demo walks you through the Agreements feature in Roompact’s software which allows you to create your own templates for roommates or Suite-mates/Apartment-mates. These agreements are automatically deployed to residents and can be reset when residents change rooms.

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