We’re nerds about data! 🤓 Having tools for collecting data are important, but good instrument design is key if you want your data formatted for easier analysis. Roompact has a number of features and support services available to help save you time with assessment. From tools that force data consistency, to data experts on hand to help you design a custom process, we’ve got you covered.

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How Roompact can help!

Flexible Questions, Forced Consistency

Making sure your assessment data is clean and consistent can save your staff tons of time. Our software has a number of tools baked into it that not only ensure better data consistency, but also allow you to view your data in multiple ways. Get the flexibility you want in design, with the confidence that your data will be useable and available to you for quick or prolonged analysis.

Roompact Webinar

We’re committed to giving back to the field through free professional development. Check out this webinar hosted in conjunction with the University of South Florida on assessment and storytelling.

Guidance and Support for Instrument Design

You are not alone when it comes to assessment. We’re constantly building out new resources to help you with your instrument design and assessment practices. Our Ace Guides and Ace Cases give you detailed walkthroughs on key residence life issues and processes. Our Example Templates help get your started in form design. And most importantly, each campus is assigned their own RA, or Roompact Advisor, who is there to consult with you any time you need guidance.

“As a department, it helps us tell our story across campus and highlight the relationships and connections our staff has with our students. This software has allowed our staff to help senior administration and campus partners understand our ever-changing population of students.”

Kat Kane, West Texas A&M University

Kat Kane - WTAMU

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Track Attendance

Integrate all of your interaction data with attendance data. Through our automated attendance tracking tools, you can see which residents attended which programs and how many they attended overall.


Deeper Level Insights

With digital data, the opportunities for analysis are exponential. Through Roomapct Insights, we can dig deeper into your data to answer important questions. We’ve cerated a number of pre-made reports, but we can also design custom reports for you. It’s all included in your relationship with Roompact.

Find out how Roompact’s experts can help!

Reach out and request a video demonstration or a consult to take a look at our software.