The Roompact Recap for Winter 2021

Thank You!

Welcome to 2021! A year that will hopefully be a bit more manageable than 2020. We appreciate your ongoing partnership and wanted to say thank you for all of the great work you do and all of the great work we’ve done together.

2020 was also a big year of change for Roompact. If you’d like to know more, read out year-end reflection.

Roompact ACUHO-I Summer Intern

Roompact’s ACUHO-I Summer Internship

Roompact is STOKED to be offering an ACUHO-I Summer internship for the first time. If you, or someone you know, wishes to apply, you must go through the official ACUHO-I process and adhere to all of the rules, dates, and deadlines they have in place to ensure it is a fair process for all. Head to their website to begin the process. Even if you aren’t interested in interning at Roompact, there are a number of incredible positions available–both in-person and remote.

We’re also hiring for a full-time position for a Full Stack Software Engineer. If you or someone you know is qualified, consider applying!

The GREAT Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition

Congrats to our winners!

The Great Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated. Winners will be decided shortly and gift cards will go in the mail! Check out our entrants’ office set-ups:

Patrick Cunningham

Meet Our Newest Team Member

We’re happy to welcome Roompact’s newest team member, Pat Cunningham. Pat will serve as our lead software engineer and in addition to being an excellent programmer, he also has a background in university housing having served as a Complex Coordinator for a number of years at the University of Oregon. Learn a little bit more about Pat in this virtual introduction.

Curriculum Q &A

From The Blog

We’ve been adding to our Residential Curriculum Q&A Series. The newest ones include:

Other new blog posts:

7-Part series on “Residence Life Practice and the Coronavirus Pandemic”

  1. How Residential Curriculum Can Help
  2. Practicing Essentialism. What matters most?
  3. Leveraging Technology for Success
  4. How Text Messaging Can Help You Reach Your Students
  5. Are you doing Intentional Conversations? You probably should be.
  6. Are your students career ready?
  7. Real-Time Assessment Informing Real-Time Adjustments to Your Practice
ResLife Horoscopes - February 2021

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