The Roompact Recap for Fall 2020

A New Overhauled Support Portal

We hope this email finds you, your family, and colleagues safe and well. We know it’s been a crazy time to be in residence life and we’re here to support you all the way.

We’ve been making some updates to our support portal to be better able to serve you:

  • Completely redesigned, more visual, interface.
  • New video content.
  • A dedicated area just for student staff members.
The content in the new student staff member area is specifically tailored to how a student staff member uses Roompact’s software and is the only area of the portal that is accessible to them. This now means you can share helpful support links from this area in training documentation, emails, or on websites.

Check out the new Student Staff Support Portal area!

The GREAT Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition

Whether you’re working from home or the office, we want to see where you use Roompact! From now until the end of 2021, we’re launching a new competition for all of the professionals working at Roompact schools. The Great Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition is pitting professionals from across the country against each other to determine who has the most slick office desk set-up. And there is an opportunity to win prizes!

Find out how to enter!

Roompact Insights Reports

Roompact provides additional data and support through our Insights Reports. Insight Reports can provide you with additional details about your data to aid in tracking and assessment. Some examples of questions we can help you answer include:

If you ever need a report that addresses these, or other questions that you can’t natively access in our software, just send us an email.

3 Tips

From the Blog…

We’ve launched our new “Quick Tips” series. Three tips on various topics related to residence life practice. Check out of first set on Roommate Agreements:

  1. The process is more important than the questions.
  2. Go beyond tasks and actions.
  3. Agreements are living documents.

3 Res Life Quick Tips for Roommate Agreements

Other new blog posts:

New “Ace Tips” Video Series

We’ve been recording a lot of new video content for you. Part of this effort is our “Ace Tips” video series. In this series we go over a quick tip that can help you use Roomapct’s software better and more efficiently. We’ve added these to support articles, are posting them to social media, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to always stay up-to-date!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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