At Roompact, we have seen firsthand how our software can help staff members and lead to better outcomes for students. Because we believe in our software and have seen its benefits, we strive to make our software as accessible as possible, particularly for institutions that may be under-resourced and with student bodies that have particularly high percentages of traditionally underserved student populations.

To this end, Roompact provides discounts through our Implementation Fee Waiver program for select institutions. As a pilot of this program, we have decided to focus on institutions that work with Native American and indigenous student populations. Although our providing our software at a discount is only a drop in the bucket compared to centuries of colonialism, structural racism, and genocide, we hope to advance a future where all humans can succeed and thrive.

What is it?

Roompact’s pricing for new schools includes two components: an initial implementation fee and an on-going annual fee. The Waiver program waives the initial implementation fee making the adoption of Roompact’s software more financially accessible to an institution.

How do you qualify?

Your institution must be federally designated as a:

We realize that no federal listing or program may adequately capture all the institutions that embody the spirit behind our Implementation Fee Waiver Program. During the sales process, if you believe your institution should receive the waiver, let us know. We’d be happy work with you.