Roompact has a number of different communication features you can use to communicate with staff or residents. It can also be done via email or text message. The best part about our communication tools, however, is that they are always up to date and group messages can be sent to the community (or communities) of your choice. It’s all baked in into one platform.


How Roompact can help!

Compose a message in Message Center

Message Center

Through Roompact’s Message Center, you can send emails or text messages to your entire on-campus population, to your hall(s), floor(s), suite(s), or room(s), or to individual residents. The content information is synced with your housing management system nightly and is always up-to-date.

Two-Way Text Messaging

When residents text you back, you can see their responses within Roompact’s software and even respond. Responses are recorded on individual resident timelines and are available to be exported as a group.

Screenshot of Insights on Messaging

“Roompact is the best of both worlds. The front-facing interface is extremely versatile and user-friendly, so it’s easy for professional staff and student staff alike. With its built-in review functions and helpful staff, Roompact also makes the backend work of assessment and meaningful data collection simpler.”

Jake Garner, UMBC

Jake Garner - UMBC


Microsurveys are quick one-question polls that allow you to rapidly gather information from your residents. They can be sent via text message or email, and the average response rates will make your assessment team cheer!

Staff Communication Features

Staff Alert

Easily quick message your staff member via text or email. A quick pop-up lets you send it and return right back to your work.

Automatic Duty Shift Notifications

After you schedule your duty or desk shifts with Roompact, staff will receive automatic reminders via email at the start of each week.

Form Subscriptions

Get that duty report sent to you every morning at 8am. You can have any form automatically send to you or campus partners depending on the schedule you choose.

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