The bedrock of residence life and education is community and we make it easy to see your communities, assess their health, and communicate with them. Roompact’s intuitive visual layouts of your communities allows you to understand them in unique ways. Because residents also have Roompact software accounts, you can also engage with them in a number of ways.

Roomapct Software Room View. With different colored rooms.

See the Health of Your Communities at a Glance

By changing room colors and looking at Roompact’s built-in floor sociogram view, you can see the health of your communities all in one screen. See which rooms are struggling, who completed a roommate or suitemate agreement, and check up on notes.

Quantify Community Enagement

Roompact’s automated attendance tracking feature allows you to see which communities and which residents are most engaged. Perhaps more importantly, you can also see which communities and residents are not.

Screenshot of Attendance

Your Email Lists Are Always Up-To-Date

Roompact updates your resident rosters on a nightly basis ensuring you always know who your residents are, where they live, and that all of your communication lists are up to date. You can send emails or text messages to your entire on-campus population, to your hall(s), floor(s), suite(s), or room(s), or to individual residents.

“Roompact has truly shifted the way in which we communicate and work to solve issues with the residents in our community. Our RA’s have begun to use this as a main point of contact with their residents to ensure that their needs are being met. I truly believe that Roompact has made my work easier and added a level of efficiency I didn’t know was possible. I know that our paraprofessional staff would say the same!”

Seth Kaneen, Colorado State University

Get Better Response Rates with Text Messaging

How many times have you heard a colleague say “Students don’t read their email!”? With Roompact’s text messaging capabilities, you’ll enjoy higher read and response rates and all the benefits of instant communication. One of the best parts of this feature is that it works two-ways. Residents can respond to your text messages and you’ll see and can reply to their response directly in the Roompact interface. In addition to basic messaging, Microsurveys allows you to do quick one-question surveys of your residents. This can be especially useful when doing resident check-ins and pulse-checks for retention or in crisis and emergency situations.

A “Social Media” Feed For Your Important Notifications

Immediately upon logging into Roomapct’s software, you’ll be presented with a social media-like feed of everything happening in your communities. This feed is also customized to you and the communities you oversee. Updated in real time, you’ll be notified when notes are left on residents, when forms are filed, and when other actions occur across campus. This Hub also acts as a discussion board where you can post questions and announcements and other users can reply and comment.

Upload Resources to Make Roompact Your Staff and Resident Portal

Important policy documents, facilitation guides, links to school calendars, and any other information you want to make available to staff can be linked to or uploaded in your own custom resources section. You can also selectively make these available to residents, student staff members, or professional staff members.

Campus Branded

Add your own logo and select your own colors to make the Roomapct experience personalized to your campus.

Accessibility & Universal Design

We take accessibility seriously. Roompact meets WCAG level A and AA guidelines. We also offer a high contrast mode that raises this level to AAA.

Resident Accounts

Each of your residents will have a Roompact account. This allows you to verify identities when residents complete actions such as filing a roommate agreement, voting in a campus election, or completing a form.

Quickly Poll Your Community

This mini-demo walks you through how you can send Microsurveys via text message or email. Microsurveys are quick one-question polls that allow you to rapidly gather information from your residents.

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