Roompact’s first feature was online roommate agreements, and it remains an important aspect of our solutions for residence life and education. With our tool, you can create, deploy, and store both roommate and suitemate agreements for your residents. We also provide tools that can help with addressing conflicts that may arise.

How Roompact can help!

Flexible Agreement Template Design and Deployment

Roompact’s software let’s you design templates for your agreements however you wish. You can include a number of different question types and also have the ability to allow residents to add their own terms to an agreement, if you wish. After designing your templates, you can also assign them to individual buildings on your campus, allowing you to customize your agreements to different building types or student populations.

Learn From Other Roompact Schools

When you use Roompact’s software, you’re gaining not just a tool but the collective wisdom of all of the schools with which we work. Roompact puts out knowledge resources and insights that can help improve your practice. We’re always available for a consult or a training on how you can design the best process to achieve your goals.

Screen Shot Roommate or Suitemate Agreement Template Creation

For Roommates, Suites, or Apartments

Agreements aren’t just restricted to roommates living together in the same room. If you have apartments or suites, you can also assign a supplementary agreement to cover common areas or common issues all of the students in the unit many encounter.

Take a Look!

This mini-demo walks you through the Agreements feature in Roompact’s software from an administrator’s point-of-view.

Track Completion, and Allow Revisions Reset Agreements When Conflict Arises

See at a glance who has and hasn’t signed their agreements and filter your results according to building and floor. Residents can propose changes to their agreement, which their roommate must approve. Or, if the residents need to start over from scratch, you can reset it to have them complete it again.

Color-Coded Room Statuses

When viewing your communities within Roompact’s software, you have the ability to color code rooms to better track any conflicts that may be occurring in individual suites, apartments, or rooms. These color codes, called Room Statuses, are completely customizable by you and allow you to see the relative health of your communities at a glance.

Roomapct Software Room View. With different colored rooms.

Michaela Bishop - Marshall

“Using Roompact allows me to get a real time snapshot of what is happening in my community and what is going on in my residents’ lives. It helps me identify students of concern, and see those patterns of behavior, much quicker than before.”

Michaela Bishop, Marshall University

Dig Deeper into your Data

You can also pull summative reports about agreements that allows you to see progress towards completion down to a building and floor level. Pair this with resident notes and room status colors to take control of your potential roommate conflicts.

Screenshot of Insights on Agreements

Conflict Tracking for Assessment

Although agreements can be a helpful tool in mitigating roommate conflict, they must also be paired with good professional practice. Through Roompact’s support resources and with consultation with your RA (Roompact Advisor), we’ll guide you through how to get a better handle on your conflicts, help you understand where and how they occur, and get better data to inform how you may change your processes in the future.

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