Many campuses utilize intuitional conversations or intentional interactions as a means of proving more personalized support to their residents. Understanding what happens in these conversations and how you can better deliver student support and educational opportunities, however, is often much more difficult. As software purposefully built to help residence life educators, Roompact helps surface your data and allows you to make sense of it in real time. In turn, this allows you to better understand the experiences of your students and make better data-informed decisions.

How Roompact can help!

Flexible Forms

There are a number of form builders available to you, but what makes Roompact’s unique is its knowledge of your residence hall structures and the students that inhabit them. You’ll have access to all of the questions types you’d expect in a form but with the added ability to connect information in unique ways.

Screen Shot of Resdient Profile

Individual Resident Views

Providing better student support requires that you understand your data in aggregate, so you can identify trends and direct broad-based efforts, but its also important to understand on an individual student level, so you can address the unique needs and experiences of your students. Through Roompact’s multiple data views, you’ll have access to understanding your students’ journeys as a whole and as individuals. With resident timelines, you can view your entire history of interactions with a student.

“We love Roompact! We use this as our residential education hub. It allows us to make a one-stop location for our RAs, they are comfortable with the software, it is easy to use and they are in the system at least once a week, sometimes daily. There is a ton of flexibility built in and we can (and do) regularly modify it to fit our needs.”

Tracy Gerth-Antoniewicz, Marquette University


See Who Has Been Interacted With (And Who Hasn’t)

Student affairs research consistently finds that engaged students are more likely to persist. With Roompact’s data collection and insights, you can identify which students completed an intentional interaction and which ones did not, allowing you to do better follow up and check-in with students who may be struggling.

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