Roompact’s ACUHO-I Internship

Roompact offers a summer internship for graduate students in higher education and student affairs through ACUHO-I’s Summer Internship program. Our internships provide a unique opportunity for the right graduate student. You can experience what a “higher education adjacent” career path might look like, you can interact with many different campuses (not just one!), and you’ll have a lot of freedom to explore different aspects of the company according to your abilities and interests. To our knowledge, this is one of the only (and perhaps first?) ACUHO-I summer internship provided by a software company.

Because Roompact participates in the ACUHO-I internship program, the application process, dates, and dealing are set by the Association. Applications typically open in November, interviews occur in February, and final hiring decisions are announced in March.

Check out our 2023 internship!

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Roompact ACUHO-I Summer Intern

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ACUHO-I Housing Internship Resoruces for Interns

We’ve curated a number of links, videos, and additional information to help you out in your internship search–wherever it may take you! Check out our resources page for more guidance.

Meet Our Interns

Kassidy Giles

Kassidy Giles (2023)

Kassidy worked on developing a professional development curriculum for student staff. This included targeted sequences content and articles for RAs as well as potential staff development activities that could be built off of them.

Patricia Harvel

Patricia Harvel (2022)

Patricia advanced our efforts to be a better B-Corp and developed resources for residence life professionals. A big component of her work was organizing an interview question database for housing professionals (for both student staff and grad/entry level staff roles) and writing an ACUHO-I Internship application blog series.

Camille Bonar

Camille Bonar (2021)

Camille helped us develop content for our blog, co-hosted a podcast episode, helped us advance our efforts to be more socially responsible by developing staff professional development efforts, wrote and proposed new job positions, and developed a curriculum around intentional conversations.