Getting Involved in GLACUHO

Getting involved in a professional association has a number of benefits. Luckily for professionals working in residence life and college student housing, there are a number of ways to get involved. The Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) represents professionals on the national level, but there are also regional associations that provide more accessible opportunities in your own backyard. One such organization is GLACUHO.

What is GLACHO?

GLACUHO stands for the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers. It is a regional professional association that serves professionals who work in the field of college and university housing and residential life in the mid-west of the United States. GLACUHO includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

What are the benefits of joining and engaging with GLACUHO?

  1. Professional Development: GLACUHO offers a range of professional development opportunities, including conferences, workshops, and webinars. By participating in these events, you can enhance your knowledge and skills, stay updated on current trends and best practices in the field of college and university housing, and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals.
  2. Networking: GLACUHO provides a platform for networking with professionals in the field. Connecting with colleagues from different institutions can expand your professional network, open up opportunities for collaboration, and foster the exchange of ideas and resources. Building relationships within the GLACUHO community can be valuable for your career growth.
  3. Leadership Development: Involvement in GLACUHO offers leadership opportunities. You can volunteer to serve on committees, task forces, or the executive board. Engaging in leadership roles allows you to contribute to the strategic direction of the association, develop your leadership skills, and gain valuable experience that can benefit your career advancement.
  4. Sharing and Learning: GLACUHO encourages the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and best practices among its members. By actively participating in GLACUHO events, you can not only learn from others but also share your own insights, innovative ideas, and successful initiatives. This collaborative environment fosters growth and continuous improvement within the field.
  5. Recognition and Visibility: Active involvement in GLACUHO can enhance your professional visibility and reputation within the field. Through presentations, committee work, and other contributions, you can showcase your expertise and demonstrate your commitment to the advancement of college and university housing. This can lead to recognition by your peers and potential career opportunities.
  6. Access to Resources: GLACUHO provides access to a wide range of resources, including publications and presentations related to college and university housing. As a member, you can tap into these resources to stay informed about industry developments and access valuable materials that can support your work.

How can I get involved in GLACUHO?

  1. Membership: Become a member of GLACUHO. Visit the GLACUHO membership page to join. Membership is completely free for institutions in the region. You can register on the website.
  2. Attend Events: Participate in GLACUHO conferences, workshops, and other events. These gatherings provide excellent opportunities to network with professionals in the field, learn from experts, and engage in discussions about relevant topics. The most well known event of GLACUHO is its annual conference, typically taking place in the fall. GLACUHO has also traditionally hosted a number of institutes including a Mid-Level Professionals Institute and a Professional Development Institute.
  3. Volunteer: GLACUHO relies on volunteers to assist with the planning and execution of their programs, events, and services. GLACUHO has an leadership team with both elected and appointed roles. There are also opportunities through committees, which are often more accessible and flexible opportunities which have varying time commitments.
  4. Present or Write: Share your expertise and insights by presenting at GLACUHO conferences or writing for GLACUHO’s Trends magazine. If you have a topic or experience you believe would benefit the GLACUHO community, consider submitting a proposal. This can be an excellent opportunity to contribute to the professional development of others.
  5. Connect on Social Media: Follow GLACUHO’s social media channels, such as Twitter, and Facebook. Engage with their posts, share your insights, and connect with other professionals in the field.

Check out GLACUHO’s official website to learn more.

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