Reflections of a First Time Attendee at ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach

Guest Post by Christopher Trautman, Residence Life Professional, The College of New Jersey This past month in Baltimore, MD, ACPA held their 15th annual Institute on the Curricular Approach (ICA). The Institute teaches student affairs professionals how to design and implement out-of-class experiences for students that facilitate learning in an intentionally designed and sequenced way. I... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Fall 2022

Are we back to normal yet? Hello Roompact Friends! The rush of opening is complete and we're coming off our most successful opening ever. In August/September, our average response time to your support emails was 15 minutes, and by being even more proactive, we've been able to reduce the number of times you've had to email us... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Summer 2022

Get Ready for Staff Training and Move In! Hello Friends! It’s hard to believe it's time to start preparing for move in! To help get you ready, we've compiled a number of updates for you in this quarter's Roompact Recap. We've also created a checklist for you of common tasks to accomplish to ensure you're ready to go on... Continue Reading →

2022 Roompact Door Dec Contest!

IT'S BACK! Are your door decs the fairest of them all? It’s time for them to get a little artistic appreciation! Roompact is holding its fifth annual door dec contest! Here’s how it goes. This contest is open to schools who currently use Roompact's software on their campus. Create a door dec with the name... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Roompact Blog Team 2022

We'd like to introduce the new Roompact Blogging Team! This is a new effort Roompact is undertaking to further increase our contributions to the field through the free dissemination of ideas and knowledge. Earlier this spring, we did a search for part-time bloggers, professionals who liked to write and who were looking for a little... Continue Reading →

The Roompact Recap for Spring 2022

Reaching towards the goal line... You're almost there! As many of you move towards closing we hope this update finds you in good health and balance. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you finish off the semester or quarter strongly. We are now a B-Corp! Roompact is SUPER excited to announce... Continue Reading →

Roompact’s Carbon Footprint Report Card for 2021

Roompact has always been sensitive to the needs of our planet, attempting to make green choices whenever possible. Beginning with 2021, Roompact is making a formal commitment to our planet by offsetting all of our carbon usage when greener options aren't available. Partnering with the organization We Are Neutral, we have submitted an inventory about... Continue Reading →

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