ResEdChat Ep 11: Student Affairs NOW Podcast Jamboree

In this special episode of Roompact’s ResEdChat, we share an episode recorded by Student Affairs NOW. Student Affairs NOW is the premier podcast, weekly web show, and online learning community for thousands of us who work in, alongside, or adjacent to the field of higher education and student affairs.

“Dr. Keith Edwards hosts our first podcast jamboree. In this fast-paced and high-energy episode, you can learn about 12 awesome student affairs-related podcasts. Hosts share about their podcasts as well as their favorite podcasts, dream guests, tips, and what they are pondering now.”

Listen to the Podcast:

Watch the Video:

Show Notes

See the original post with further details about the podcasts represented and how to access them:

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Roompact’s ResEdChat podcast highlights cool people who do cool things and talk about cool stuff in residence life and college student housing. If you have a topic idea for an episode, let us know!

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