Roompact’s Fall 2021 Conference Schedule

It’s that time of the year again folks! After what seems like forever, we’re finally having in person conferences again! We cannot be more excited for the Fall conference season and looking forward to meeting all of our partners and friends in person again. With registrations complete and travels booked, here’s a preview of where we’re off to this Fall and why we’re so excited!

First stop…

Adirondack Summit
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Exhibitor Date: October 7th

We’re kicking off the Fall conference season with our friends over at Adirondack Solutions. Roompact’s software works in combination with housing management software including The Housing Director, to help you with all aspects of your housing and residence life department.

In fact 22% of our current Roompact partners utilize Adirondack’s The Housing Director as their housing management system. Roompact integrates with The Housing Director to provide accurate and up-to-date information on your residents and assignments.

If you’re planning to attend the Adirondack Summit, please stop by and say hello to Matt!

ACPA - College Student Educators International
ACPA Institute on the Curricular Approach
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Exhibitor Date: October 11th and 12th

The Institute on the Curricular Approach is truly a unique conference for the field and also for the Roompact team as well. With the passion and resources that our colleague Dr. Paul Brown has developed to help institutions develop a residential curriculum, ICA is always a very special event for Roompact. The fact that the conference is being held in Roompact’s home town of Chicago make it an extra special occasion. We are also hosting our 3rd Annual Roompact Users Conference on October 10th. You can register by emailing a member of the Roompact Team to let us know you’ll be in attendance.

As a side note, it will also be the first time that the entire Roompact team will get together since we went fully remote last February. A few new members have joined the team since the pandemic and we’re finally getting a chance to meet each other in person!

We restocked our popular Curriculum Workbook from our last in person conference and will be handing those out along with some other Roompact swag! If you’re not able to attend this year, please reach out to Jong ( and we’d be happy to send a digital copy!

MACUHO & NEACUHO Joint Annual Conference
Location: Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania
Exhibitor Date: October 14th

In 2019, we heard the announcement of a joint conference between MACUHO and NEACUHO and we’re finally able to attend in person this Fall!  

We’re curious to see the mix of schools from various states that will be attending. MACUHO is one of the larger regional conferences of the year so it’ll be great to see even a larger group with folks from NEACUHO together. 

I’m personally excited to see some Fall foliage. According to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, we should see a projected peak color in the central region through October 18 – 20. We’re few days away from that period but very close nonetheless!

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Exhibitor Date: November 1st

Our final stop of the Fall season as of the timing of this blog will be GLACUHO! We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of GLACUHO this year. Looking back at Roompact’s history, GLACUHO was the very first conference that Roompact’s founders Matt and Meg attended so it’s going to be a special one for us too!

Roompact at it's first conference, GLACUHO

Nearly 17% of our current partners are in the GLAUCHO region and we’re excited to see and celebrate the anniversary with them!

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