We Ask ChatGPT: Write A Residence Hall Complaint Letter About A Noise Violation In The Voice Of Shakespeare

What does the future of AI-based technology hold? We’re doing a little experiment, specifically with the AI chat-bot, ChatGPT. This post is part of a series where we ask ChatGPT interesting, unusual, or just plain fun questions related to residence life and college student housing. All answers were generated by the AI. At the end of the series, we’ll share what we’ve learned and how you might use it as a tool in your work.

We Asked Chat GPT:

Write a residence hall complaint letter about a noise violation in the voice of Shakespeare.

Chat GPT Replied with the following:

Fair and noble Sirs and Madams of the Residence Hall Authority,

With utmost respect, I beseech thy attention to a matter that hath stirred my senses and disrupted the tranquility of mine humble abode. Pray, allow me to paint a woeful picture of a noise violation that hath left me in great distress, forsooth!

In the realm of the residence hall, where peace and quiet ought to reign, a cacophony of dissonance hath pierced mine ears like a thousand daggers. ‘Twas a night of revelry and mirth, where merry-makers and their unruly instruments didst fill the air with tumultuous melodies and raucous laughter.

The hour was late, the hour of rest and slumber, when gentle souls seek solace in the sweet embrace of the night. Alas! The harmony of dreams was shattered, replaced by a discordant symphony that echoed through the very walls of mine dwelling. Verily, sleep became an elusive phantom, dancing just beyond my grasp.

In vain did I endeavor to drown out the revelrous tumult with pillows pressed against mine ears, but the ceaseless revelry prevailed, relentless in its assault upon my senses. It was as if the gods themselves had conspired against me, for no respite could be found.

Thus, I implore thee, wise authorities of the residence hall, to lend thine ears to this grievous plea. Mayhaps thou canst restore order and tranquility to this sacred sanctuary, wherein weary scholars and diligent souls seek respite from the toils of academia.

I beseech thee to enforce the sacred code of conduct, wherein the sanctity of silence and the well-being of all residents are upheld. Let not the raucous revelries of the few drown the peace of the many.

With deepest reverence and hope, I await thy swift action in rectifying this grievance. May harmony be restored, and the symphony of the residence hall be one of serenity and respect.

Yours faithfully,

A denizen of the disturbed dwelling

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