2023 Roompact Bulletin Board Contest! [CLOSED]

We’re awarding a “Top Ten”

Get a little something back for your time and effort.

Roompact is holding its first annual RA bulletin board contest! Here’s how it goes. This contest is only open to RAs at schools who currently use Roompact’s software on their campus. Create a bulletin board and email us a photo (high-quality and close-up!) at [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED] from your institutional email address (*.edu) and include your name (as you’d like us to attribute it to you). Include any additional information or context about the board, topic, and design.

By submitting your bulletin board, you agree that we can post it to our social media channels and display it on our website. We’ll attribute it to you (first name and institution) in a follow up blog post announcing and showcasing the winners.

The bulletin board must be sent by [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED] at midnight local time to be considered!

The team at Roompact will judge all submissions and choose the “top 10” winners. We will judge the bulletin boards on aesthetics and educational/informational content and quality.

Roompact attempts to support socially responsible, local, and minority owned businesses to the greatest extent possible. To further this aim, winners in the drawing will receive gift cards to Etsy–a site that allows you to order items from independent artisans, crafters and small businesses.

Each Top 10 Winner will receive a $50 gift card to Etsy.

Roompact Topics - Door Decs Design and Ideas

Access our resource page for more ideas and examples of staff-created door decs and bulletin boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I submit more than bulletin board?
    • Unfortunately, no. Only one submission per RA, so send us your best!
  • Does the bulletin board need to be on a specific topic?
    • No! It can be on any topic.
  • Can the bulletin board be collaborative?
    • Sure, but if you win you’ll have to split the gift card amongst yourselves.
  • When will the results be announced?
    • The results will be announced in April once judging is complete.
  • How will I be notified if I win?
    • You’ll receive an email. We’ll try a few times and if we don’t hear back from you, we’ll have to move on to another winner.
  • Does my institution have to use Roompact’s software in order for me to participate?
    • Yes, unfortunately this is only open to current Roompact schools.

Happy bulletin boarding!

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