ResLife Office Set-Ups: Sarah Schoonover, Resident Director, University of North Dakota

Where do you use Roompact?

I am beyond grateful to be able to utilize Roompact in my apartment style residence hall office here in beautiful North Dakota. You can catch me in my office daily working on projects and serving our residence hall students in any way that I can.

What is your office set-up?

magine this: a peaceful zen space where you can focus on the task at hand – sound, smell, and touch are all represented within my office. To remain efficient in my work, I use dual monitors to be able to see all my screens at once (hello excel spreadsheets 😊) I enjoy looking at simple images when working to keep it easy on the eyes, that’s why I have selected a geode computer wallpaper in my favorite color turquoise blue. I love the amazing amount of natural light my office brings in with floor to ceiling windows directly behind me that overlooks University Ave. 

On the days where our afternoons can get a bit hectic, I stop and take a few deep breaths listening to my very own little waterfall. The peaceful sound of trickling water is ever so soothing. I’ve added in a few personal touches along the way to compliment my mini waterfall. I have brought in a Himalayan salt lamp to help rid my space of negative energy – so far I would say its working LOL! 

With my office being located on the ground floor outside of the main lobby, I am easily accessible for students to stop by and chat, share how their day has been going or offer a resource or two if needed. I’ve been told my zen sand garden is a huge reason why some have stopped by routinely in the past! Plants are known to give off a bit of oxygen, so I have displayed some lucky bamboo and a few succulents to place on my bookshelf. 

I oversee a group of student staff and sometimes we find funny or inspirational quotes we love. What better way to display those quotes than with a letter board? This board gets changed out 1 or 2 times a month, and it gives us something to laugh at. 

To keep me motivated I usually play a bit of light music through my computer speakers and sing along terribly. I am never without my yeti tumblr full of water, a jumbo hand sanitizer (thanks covid), or an exciting new fragrance in my scentsy warmer.

How has Roompact helped your everyday work?

Roompact keeps me connected with students seamlessly! The messaging feature is absolutely perfect to either send a quick 1:1 text, or a mass message letting our students know about an upcoming bingo event. Our staff utilizes the calendar feature to schedule duty days and keep track of days off. This has been a huge time saver! 

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