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Messaging, Microsurveys, and Staff Alert

Roompact’s software has a number of features related to messaging your residents and staff.

  • Message Center can be used for sending emails or sending/receiving SMS text messages to residents. It allows you to send messages to individuals or groups (such as room or suite occupants, floor, buildings, or all of campus).
  • Microsurveys can be used to send groups of residents (by building, or to all of campus) a one-question survey via email or SMS text.
  • Staff Alert can be used for sending emails or sending/receiving SMS text messages to staff members. It allows you to send messages to an individual or groups of staff members (by staff level and location of staff) and to staff members responsible for specific residents, rooms, floors, or buildings.
Message Center

Message Center

Message Center works like a traditional inbox/outbox messaging platform. When composing a message, you have the option to send it via text, email, or to both. You can send messages to residents in specific areas (all of campus, specific building(s), floor(s), suite(s), or room(s)), or to a specific resident.

Note that emails can have rich text formatting but attaching or including images or documents is not supported. Text messages do not accept any rich formatting, images, or attachments.

When sending an email, your email will come from your email address (the one associated with your Roompact account) and any replies will go to that email address. When sending a text, it will come from a specific static number that Roompact has assigned to your department. Any replies to that text will appear inside Roompact’s software. The next section covers the use of Roompact’s text messaging capabilities.

When Sending A Text

With great power comes great responsibility. Text messaging residents results in more immediate communication and often better response rates when compared to email. When sending a text, there are a few things you should note:

Text messaging capabilities are included in your contract with Roompact. All levels of staff can send text messages if a phone number is included with the resident data you send to Roompact. If you do not want your RAs to text, you should instruct them not to use this feature.

Text messages from Roompact originating in Message Center always come from the same phone number. This number will be displayed to you when composing a text in Message Center.

Check out our post on “best practices” for tips when texting:

  • Transparent and Reliable Phone Number Collection
  • Communicate Student Unsubscribe Rights
  • Use Text Messaging Selectively
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Stay Under the Character Limit
  • Avoid Links and Rich Text Images

Replying to Text Messages

Texting from Roompact’s software allows for two-way communication. When a resident responds to one of your text messages, the reply will appear (1) in the Message Center Inbox, (2) as a notification post in your Hub, and (3) on the Resident’s Timeline as a new Note. You will also receive a notification number at the top of your screen indicating there is a new text response. You can easily reply back to the message from any of these locations.

Replying To A Text Message

Opting Out of Text Messages

When using text messages, make sure you are transparent about how it will be used. Residents should know that this number may be used for texting. When sending an initial text message for the year, make sure you introduce yourself as a part of your message and communicate how to unsubscribe. For Roompact’s software (and many other common texting applications) replying STOP to a message at any time will unsubscribe the recipient.



Microsurveys allow you to message your residents a one-question survey and receive responses which can then be downloaded in aggregate for analysis. Using microsurveys with Roompact’s text messaging capabilities can be especially useful when you want to collect short answer questions quickly.

Microsurveys can be sent via email, or text. They can be sent to a building or all of campus (Target Zone). You can also choose to send it to individuals with none or more than one roommate (Scope). For the survey, you can also select from multiple response options including:

  • Open Ended
  • Sentiment Scale
  • Multiple Choice
  • Likert Scale
Send a Microsurvey

Once sent, Microsurvey responses will be recored (1) in the Hub, (2) on the responding resident’s timeline, and (3) within the Microsruveys feature where you can download responses in aggregate in a spreadsheet format.

Staff Alert

Staff Alert

Staff Alert allows you to email or text staff members. When sending a staff alert, you can enter a staff member’s name to send them a message or type a room, suite, floor, or building to message all staff members that are associated with those areas. You can also enter a resident name and it will message the staff members who have that resident in their area.

Learn More in our Support Portal

Our support portal provides more detailed information and instructions on how to use the Agreements feature. Learn more about topics such as…

  • Sending Text and/or Email to Residents
  • Reply To A Message From A Resident
  • Messaging Staff Members
  • Polling Your Residents
  • How Residents Can Opt Out From Text Messages

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