Win Prizes in the GREAT Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition! [CLOSED]

Whether you’re working from home or the office, we want to see where you use Roompact!

From now until the end of 2021, we’re launching a new competition for all of the professionals working at Roompact schools. The Great Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition is pitting professionals from across the country against each other to determine who has the most slick office desk set-up.

Who’s eligible?

Any full time professional who works at a school utilizing Roompact’s software.

When is the deadline?

December 31, 2020.

What do you need to submit?

  • One high quality photo of your desk-area set-up (from home or in your work office).
  • Your name, position, institution, and Twitter handle (if you have one).
  • Answers to the following prompts:
    • Where do you use Roompact? (an introduction to your office space)
    • Walkthrough of your desk set-up (highlighting objects you love, what helps with your productivity, how you use it, etc.)
    • How has Roompact helped your everyday work?

Where do you submit?

Just send it in just as you would a support ticket.

What are the terms?

We want to share different office set-ups to help others get ideas for their own. By submitting your entry, you agree that Roompact can publish your submitted details and photos on its blog and through its social media channels.

So what are the prizes?!

We want to help you trick out your office set-up even more! We will award two top prizes, of $100 Amazon gift cards, one each for the best “home office” and “work office,” as well as a number of smaller value honorable mentions.

Need an Example? Check it out below?

Residence Life Office Set-Up: Paul Brown from Roompact

Where do you use Roompact?

Roompact is a fully remote company, so I use Roompact from my home office in Boston. Although I have a laptop, I’m frequently working from my desktop. Since rents are high in Boston, I live in a studio apartment, often requiring me to put up a folding screen behind me during conference calls so participants don’t have to look at my bed! 😛 (Folding screens are surprisingly expensive (and ugly), although I was able to score a relatively cheap stylish one on Wayfair.)

Office Walk-Through

I prefer a minimalist look so I have fewer distractions. You’ll notice there’s a lot of “white” all around my desk (which is actually an Ikea table to give me more workspace!). My desk is centered around my 27 inch iMac. I found a really great aluminum stand that not only looks good, but also adds a number of extra USB ports to connect various devices.

My two lights each have Hue bulbs, which means I can control them by my phone, by voice, and I can change the colors of them as needed. Although they can change to all colors of the rainbow, I find I use a more brighter clear white light in the morning, to help me focus, and a warmer softer white light in the afternoon. (The mid-century modern light comes from CB2, while the tall narrow light is directly from Phillips Hue.)

I love a split keyboard. It just feels better for me ergonomically when I’m typing all day. The current one I use is from Microsoft with a separate number pad that I can move around. I also use a third party mouse from Logitech, which has a number of extra buttons on it. This allows me to map common tasks on to them, such as revealing the desktop or switching between apps. I LOVE IT. I don’t think I could work any other way. I also have an Apple Magic Trackpad in case it’s more easy to use in certain circumstances.

I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing my life and so I wanted a single decent sounding speaker for audio. I use an Amazon Echo Studio, which puts out great sound and gives me the added benefit of doubling as a smart home device. (You just have to be careful not to say anything close to “Alexa” during a conference call.) I also pair this with a separate mic, as I’ve found the audio is much better than using the built in iMac mic, especially for when I need to record videos and voice overs. The mic is by Blue.

I’ve got a wireless charing pad for my phone, a sandstone coaster to catch the sweat from my cans of sparkling water, and a leather desk pad from Ikea with a “lip” on it that keeps it anchored to my desktop.

For personal touches, I have a photo that my father took on the wall beside me (he’s a photographer) and some modern art above my computer that is a series of interlocked paperclips. The final piece is a candle given to me by my boyfriend from Le Labo. This is a splurge item as Le Labo is pretty overpriced, but the candle smells AMAZING. A great way to stay relaxed during the day.

How has Roompact helped your everyday work?

Of course, I don’t use Roompact like our campus partners do, but Roompact helps me better serve residence life professionals by being super intuitive and easy to use. That helps me greatly when I go to train campuses on the software or when answering questions that come into support. In fact, it probably reduces the number of emails I would receive because professionals can just figure it out themselves!

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