ResLife Pro-D in a Bag: Green Move-In, Green Move-Out, Greening Campus Housing (30 minutes)

The “Pro-D in a Bag” series provides all the details you’ll need to create a professional development opportunity for your staff around a given topic. Each facilitation guide outlines free and open source videos to watch, articles to read, quizzes and inventories to complete, and suggested questions for discussion and activities. You can facilitate this as a professional development session or integrate it into a staff meeting. It’s professional development “in a bag.”

We offer 3 tracks of our “Pro-D in a Bag” series:

  1. ResLife Pro-D in a Bag (for Professional Staff)
  2. RA Pro-D in a Bag (for Student Staff)
  3. Roompact Pro-D in a Bag (highlighting software features for users)

Topic: Green Move-In, Green Move-Out, Greening Campus Housing (30 minutes)

This Pro-D in a Bag is designed to allow participants to examine how other campuses have addressed green issues as they relate to move-in and move-outs from campus housing. Examples are provided about different ways campuses have addressed these issues.

Time: 30 hour
Audience: Any staff members
– Discuss outcomes related to developing a green move-in/move-out.
– Recall how other campuses developed green move-in/move-out initiatives.
– Explore ways of developing your own green move-in/move-out initiatives.

Before the session:

1. Read This Article

Inside Higher Ed

“Actions and Hopes of the Sustainability-Focused Student” by Melissa Ezarik, Inside Higher Education

2. Watch or Listen to This Podcast Episode

Watch the following video as a primer on key points about residential curriculum.

Skim media coverage of Marshall’s efforts:

3. Skim Examples at Other Schools

Suggested Facilitation:

Begin the session by discussing what motivated staff to select this topic for professional development. Detail any history of related initiatives your department or campus has undertaken in this area.

Start by asking participants for their initial reactions.

  • Why is this topic important?
  • What are some the ideas that most excited you about these examples?
  • What in these examples would work for our campus? What would not work?

If we were to pursue a green move-in/move-out program…

  • What would the goals of our efforts be?
  • What would be good first steps in greening our move-in/move-out?
  • What would be the barriers to our implementing such a program?
  • Who would we need to partner with to create such a program?
  • How could we involve students in the creation and execution of such a program?

Wrap up discussion and note any action items you’ll want to pursue if you decide you want to develop (or enhance your existing) green move-in/move-out initiatives.

Additional Resources To Dive Deeper:

The Association for the Advancement
of Sustainability in Higher Education

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education has MANY resources that can help you explore more ways to become green and more sustainable in general.

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