Celebrating our 365th blog post… Our TOP TEN posts of all time

We’ve hit a milestone! In the year of Roompact’s 10th anniversary, we are publishing our 365th blog post. That’s one post for every day of the year. At Roompact, we always say that the best giveaway we can “hand out” to residence life and housing professionals is not a new pen, or a fancy trendy doodad, but the gift of free knowledge. Our blog is a significant contributor to that mission.

As we celebrate this milestone, we’d like to thank all of our contributors from the past. With their amazing perspectives and ideas to share, we’re one of the most trafficked sources of content for our field.

To celebrate, here is a look at the “top ten” blog posts we’ve published that have received the most views to date:

Number 10

The first post in a multi-part series that provides tips on training student staff for a residential curriculum.

Number 9

One of our very first posts continues to do well. Some of the videos referenced here have since disappeared. Perhaps it’s time to update the post!

Number 8

Part of our multi-part blog series on intentional conversations. This series actually takes two places on our top ten list.

Number 7

Something many departments seem to struggle with. What is the difference between a program model mindset and a curricular mindset?

Number 6

For those embarking on a curricular journey, one of the first things to do is develop an educational priority statement. This post highlights what an educational priority statement is and why it’s not a mission statement.

Number 5

This one is a bit of a surprise on the list. It discusses Bloom for writing learning outcomes, but more importantly pushes us to move beyond it.

Number 4

When developing a curricular approach, it’s always helpful to look at examples. This post provides just that.

Number 3

One of our earliest spots, this continues to log views. We’re well into the social media age now, many years after this post was published. What’s changed?

Number 2

Our multi-part series on intentional conversations shows up on our list again, in the number two spot. One of our most viewed posts of all time.

Number 1

Outpacing all posts by a good margin, clocking in at nearly 12,000 views. Folks are still learning about a curricular approach and what it means.

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