Learning Reconfigured: Engaging Faculty & Academic Partners in the Residential Education Experience [Webinar Recording]

103435167_10105839289479058_9009574606451584954_nThis free webinar series, hosted by Roompact in collaboration with the University of South Florida Department of Residential Education, was designed for scholar-practitioners to explore, analyze, and evaluate innovative engagement practices to enhance student success and academic excellence. This four-week series has intentionally scaffolded learning to allow subject matter experts to share strategies, techniques, and best practices. Join us as we share tools utilized at the University of South Florida and leverage tangible takeaways to implement at your institution. Learn more about this entire series…

The University of South Florida has a robust faculty and academic partner engagement model via our academic initiatives within Residential Education. The success of these programs is rooted in strong partnerships between professional staff, academic partners, and faculty in the creation of intentional academic initiatives. Therefore, we recognize the importance of on-boarding our faculty members and academic partners as well as preparing our professional staff to leverage their partnerships. In this session, participants will develop strategies for faculty and academic partner recruitment, on-boarding, program development, and collaboration conducive to student success. Additionally, attendees will gain insight on the experiences of a faculty currently serving as a FIR and an academic partner serving as a Living Learning Community advisor who will share their perspectives on engaging with students outside of the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify strategies to support and strengthen residential academic programs.
  • Benchmark practices, programs, and faculty engagement models with other institutions.
  • Cultivate and manage internal and external campus partnerships to engage faculty and campus partners to support academic initiatives within residential communities.


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