Announcement: ACPA and Roompact Enter Into Partnership to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement

Roompact and ACPA – College Student Educators International are happy to announce that they’ve entered a formal partnership agreement. Roompact and ACPA will work together on case studies, software development, educational development, and marketing initiatives.

“ACPA is the leader in our field when it comes to supporting and fostering college student learning. Our company and software align with ACPA’s mission, and we’ve always admired the leadership and direction that ACPA provides to our industry,” said Roompact’s President and Founder, Matt Unger, “We’ve supported ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach for the past 3 years, and we’re excited to take this additional step to formalize our long-term support and collaboration with ACPA. This partnership is beneficial for Roompact’s clients, ACPA’s membership, and our field as a whole. A partnership like this is unprecedented, and it’s going to allow us to collaborate, research, and educate in ways never before imagined.”

Roompact, a Chicago-based software and services company, works with hundreds of thousands of educators, administrators, and students across North America. ACPA’s mission is to support and foster college student learning through the generation and dissemination of knowledge, which informs policies, practices, and programs for student affairs professionals and the higher education community.

ACPA Executive Director Chris Moody said, “Strategic partnerships with other organizations who share a purpose- and valued-based approach to their work are vital to the success of an association, and I am thrilled that ACPA will deepen our already strong collaboration with Roompact in the years to come. Expanding on their continuing support of the Institute on the Curricular Approach (formerly, the Residential Curriculum Institute), ACPA believes that Roompact’s organization and technology are strategic and mission-centered partners for us, and I am excited to explore new ways to positively influence student learning and lives together.”

“Roompact and ACPA feels like such a natural partnership because both organizations are grounded in understanding and promoting how students learn. ACPA has long been at the forefront of educational research and scholarship that highlights college student development and centering student learning as the goal of our field. Roompact can provide practical and intuitive digital tools to help make this goal a reality on campus,” added Erin Simpson, ACPA Governing Board Member.

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