Roompact’s “Residential Curriculum/Curricular Approach Explainer Video” for Partners and Staff

Roompact doesn’t just sell software, but strives to advance the field of residence life and student affairs as a whole. We often hear from our campus partners how they struggle to explain the curricular approach to staff members and stakeholders. Recognizing this need, we have worked over the past few months to develop the following video that gives a broad high-level overview of the basics of a curricular approach:

  • What is a Residential Curriculum or Curricular Approach to Student Affairs Work?
  • Student Learning Objectives
  • Sequenced Learning
  • Diverse Engagement Stategies
  • Utilizing Staff and Partner Expertise
  • Continuous Improvement

The following video can be used at staff trainings, sent to individuals who want to learn more, or embedded on a website for training. Please share and use widely. We hope it will help.

Based in part on: Kerr, K. G., Tweedy, J., Edwards, K. E., & Kimmel, D. (2017, March-April). Shifting to curricular approaches to learning beyond the classroom. About Campus, 22(1), 22-31. doi:10.1002/abc.21279

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