Get to Know The Roompact Team! Meet Paul Gordon Brown

Paul Gordon Brown

Paul Gordon Brown joined the Roompact team as the Director of Curriculum, Training, and Research in the spring of 2016. Paul wears a number of hats at Roompact. You might know him best in his most public facing role within the company: as our social media and blog coordinator. Paul also develops the training materials used by our clients when they are learning about and teaching others on how to use the Roompact software. Most importantly, Paul is our resident expert on residential curriculum and other educational efforts. As a veteran multi-year Residential Curriculum Institute faculty member, and as a National Housing Training Institute and Professional Standards Institute alum, Paul runs all of our workshops and consultative services.

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Alma Maters: SUNY Geneseo, Western Illinois University, and Boston College
Major: B.A. Philosophy, M.S. College Student Personnel, PhD Higher Education
Favorite Emoji: 🤓

What do you love about working at Roompact?
Roompact is always changing and evolving. The work is fast paced and affords a great deal of freedom while requiring one to problem solve on the fly. When I made the transition from working in Higher Education to the private sector, I was looking at companies that shared my values. I found a home in Roompact. We work as a team and everyone’s diverse strengths contribute to our shared vision.

Paul Gordon Brown

What past roles did you hold in Higher Education?
I’ve worked at a number of colleges and universities, primarily in residence life, but also within academic advising, honors programs, student athletics, and student activities. Institutions I’ve worked at include Western Illinois University, University of Alaska Anchorage, Miami University, Regents College London, American University, Boston College, and the Fashion Institute of New York (FIT). I loved my time at FIT and had a blast serving as their Acting Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President.

What philosophy or values inform your work?
I am a strong believer in student learning and the ability of student affairs and residence life educators to contribute to the value and fabric of the student leaning experience on campus. I also have a love for technology. Wedding these two together allows me to help Roompact develop easy-to-use tools to unlock new capabilities for residence life professionals.

What were you involved in during college?
Like many student affairs professionals, I was an over-involved college student leader. I served as an RA and as an RHA President. I was on student government, the faculty senate, various academic student clubs such as the Philosophy Club, and served on the Leadership Development board.

What do you do for fun?  Any hobbies?
I am always traveling. Sometimes it is for work, but I also travel a lot for fun, too. Many people know the stories of my adventures on JetBlue, an airline I came to favor while previously living in Boston and New York City. I continue to travel with them, but moving to Chicago finds me spending time on other airlines. One of my favorite cities to visit is London. I worked there for a time and even took summer classes just outside the city in Oxford.

Paul Gordon Brown

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