ResLife Office Set-Ups: Fiona Corner, Assistant Director, Central Washington University

Where do you use Roompact?

I use Roompact from my spacious office in our larger Residence Life Office building on campus at Central Washington University. My space is tucked away in the back, separated by a door from our main office space. I’m right across the hall from our Residence Hall Association and National Residence Hall Honorary office and conference room and down the hall from our student staff resource room. When students are on campus I love the hustle and bustle, the music, and the laughter. When students are away, I appreciate the quiet.

What is your office set-up?

My office is colorful and lively. I love collecting artifacts from my travels, experiences with students, and mementos from relationships I have built. I have a variety of pins that I’ve received as tokens of recognition and I keep those on display to remind me of the impactful work that I’ve done and the importance of recognizing others for their work as well. I have a sachet of dried lavender from a friend that I keep to inhale when I am having a stressful day. My mason jar of colorful pens is in close reach to help with color coordinating notes and to-do lists. In addition, I have a small doll of Father Chaminade, who is the founder of the Marianist order. I attended graduate school at the University of Dayton – a Marianist institution. Fr. Chaminade is a daily reminder of my roots and my call to serve students every day.

My dual monitors are A MUST and allow me to complete my work much more effectively than if I just had one. My monitor stand helps me display important items and has two slots for me to rest both of my cell phones (one is personal and one is for work). The angle of my monitors makes it easy to talk with a student sitting on the other side of my desk and show them something on the screen if need be. My webcam has become SO important for the constant Zoom and Teams meetings we have. Underneath my water tumbler, I have a coaster from my co-ed service fraternity – Alpha Phi Omega.

How has Roompact helped your everyday work?

I use Roompact to create learning opportunities and connect dots for students. As an administrator, I make sure students and professional staff have the appropriate access. I create and edit forms to ensure we are collecting the data that helps us tell our story to each other and our stakeholders and connect our residential curriculum to our daily work. Roompact has helped streamline processes and coordinate systems. What used to be a group of folks creating separate documents and managing individual ways of working has become a streamlined approach all in one place, focused on a central purpose and goal.

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