ResLife Office Set-Ups: Karen Lohr, Hall Director, University of Connecticut

Where do you use Roompact?

I use Roompact in my office and also on my work iPhone.

What is your office set-up?

My office is part of a suite of offices shared with maintenance & housekeeping, RA programming storage space, and my student workers.

One of the highlights of my office is my service dog Sasha; she has lived on campus for 7+ years and I allow her to socialize with the students when she is not actively tasking. Students and staff love her snugglyness and she’s the perfect “tool” for office stress relief.

As a wheelchair user, I have an electronic height-adjustable desk. I display many articles in my office that have personal connections; this includes wheelchair Barbie, the 30+ Mr. Potato Heads you can’t see in the picture, pictures of friends/family/my service dog, and many bumper stickers and posters related to social justice/diversity/inclusion. I also have a collection of plants including cacti to remind me of my time working in Arizona.

Some of my favorite office tools are the “Staples easy button”, a bucket of fidget toys, and a bulletin board full of motivational quotes/conference nametags/NA serenity prayer/campus resources. I like for students to be able to get a snapshot view of what is important to me when they enter my office. I find my office décor also serves as great conversation starters.

How has Roompact helped your everyday work?

Roompact has helped my everyday work by being able to send quick emails out to my entire building (i.e. emergency water shut off notices that I receive 15 minutes before the water is turned off). I also use Roompact to track trends in our building via the duty logs RAs complete. Having the ability to look up specific residents and obtain information about them including their “huskymate agreement” (suitemate agreement) and RA conversation notes is also valuable when I’m following up on resident concerns, parent concerns, and roommate conflicts.

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