🦠 ResLife & Corona Episode 1: How Residential Curriculum Can Help

Much like everyone in the field, we’re exploring new ways to do our work and new methods for reaching those we work for. At Roompact, we’re experimenting with video and specifically how we can use a VLOG format (Video-Blog) to help engage and educate our audience. It seemed only fitting that for our first foray into this format that we focus on how residential life and education is being impacted by COVID-19.

In episode 1 of our series, Dr. Paul Brown discusses how schools utilizing a curricular approach to their work seem to have had an easier time navigating the curveballs thrown at them by the pandemic. Specifically, he discusses the features of a residential curriculum that make it more flexible when dealing with the transition from physical to virtual and the need to find new ways to engage students while upholding the goals and outcomes we have for them.

See old (and new) episodes in the series:

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