ResEdChat Ep 29: Dr. Gregory Thompson on Campus Politics and Building Relationships

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Crystal chats with "Dr. G" about the complexities of campus politics. We delve deeper with our guest on how to understand and navigate a campus organization--both the explicit and implicit expectations and norms. Along the way there are many practical strategies and tips on how to get a handle on campus politics and relationship building in your own work.

ResEdChat Ep 27: Delton Gordon and Luke Hams on Re-Imagining RA and Student Staff Positions

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Paul returns to the hosting chair and chats with Delton Gordon and Luke Hams of Arkansas Tech University about changes they made this year to re-imagine their student staff positions. This included rethinking RA and student staff roles, how they compensated the student employees, and how to make the positions more flexible to meet the needs of a modern student lifestyle.

ResEdChat Ep 26: Chris Trautman on Setting Healthy Professional Boundaries

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Dustin chats with Chris about tips and tricks that can help to maintain healthy professional balance in Residence Life. He explores the nuances of topic with how it shows up differently for supervisors and those who work directly with students. If you have a topic idea or want to engage in the community discussion, use the hashtag #ResEdChat.

The Roompact Recap for Spring 2023

Spring has Sprung! As the end of the year comes into view, we hope you've found time to practice some self care!  Our Spring newsletter is FULL of new updates and happenings. Read on to find out more about what we're up to... Every year, Roompact gives 1% of its revenue to student affairs related non-profits. This year... Continue Reading →

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