Roompact Training on The Hub

The Hub is the first thing that all users see when they log into Roompact. The primary components of the Hub are a homepage feed containing notifications of actions occurring in Roompact (curated for individuals based on the area and scope of their responsibilities), discussion board posts and replies, and a notification system accessible from the top bar of any page.

Examples of Hub Posts

Anatomy Of A Hub Post

Hub Posts display a lot of information and staff members are limited in what posts they can see. A Geographic Area indicates only staff members overseeing this specific Hall, Suite, or Room can see this post. This is further limited by the Permission Level Required to View denoted by four dots. Only staff with the permission level listed (or with a higher level of access) can view it.

Viewing and Filtering Your Hub

Hub Filter

With a large number of posts going to your Hub, you may want to filter the posts to only see posts of a certain kind. For example, you may only want to see form submissions. Or maybe you only want to see notes that were left on residents by your staff. The Hub Filter will allow you to choose which types of posts you see in your Hub. The Hub Filter is located next to your Hub feed.

Posting a Staff Discussion or Resident Announcement

Start a Staff Discussion or Post A Resident Announcement

At the top of the Hub, you will find a box allowing you to pose a question to staff that they can reply to in the comments. This can be useful for quick feedback, discussions, or reminders. Using the location and permission settings of the post, you can also limit who can view it to a level of staff (RAs or HDs) and their location (a specific building, or all of campus).

You can also create a Hub Post for residents, just like you would for staff. The only difference with residents is that they cannot reply back with a comment like staff members can. In essence, the Hub Post becomes an announcement and will show up in the resident’s Hub next time they log into Roompact’s software.

This can be great for sending residents reminders and instructions on what forms they need to complete and actions they need to take and by when. Because residents aren’t in the habit of checking their Roompact accounts regularly, announcements may be most effective during times of the year when residents will be logging into to complete something.

Hub Post Comments/Replies

Any type of Hub Post can be commented on, not just Hub announcements or questions posed. For example, A Hub Post could be generated when a staff member leaves a note on a resident. Using the Comment field below the note’s post, you can ask follow-up questions or react to its content. For resident/room/suite notes, these replies are saved and can be re-called later should you ever need to track past actions.

If you ever need to edit or delete a Hub Post or Comment for whatever reason, it’s very easy to do! Just click the arrow in the upper right corner.

Editing and Deleting a Hub Post/Comment

Hub Notifications

Sometimes your feed can move fast, burying important replies to your posts further down the feed. To help, you’ll revise a notification number in the top Roompact bar that indicates you have a new comment. Clicking on it will provide you with a list of notifications you may have missed.

Learn More in our Support Portal

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