Roompact Training – Getting Started

Sample Screenshot of Roompact's Software

When logging into Roompact’s software for the first time, you will be presented with the Hub–your central news feed of notifications. Along the left hand navigation bar, you’ll see a number of different features you can access. In the upper-right are additional settings and options. This training will walk through various features and settings you can explore as you get started using our software.

If you ever need help there are a number of options available to you from the Help menu. Support Portal will bring you to our repository of tutorials, guides, and training materials. Contact Roompact will generate an email to the Roompact staff who can answer any questions or address any support needs you may have. Edit Housing Contact allows you to set a custom email address or webpage link that will display as “Contact Housing” for residents in their own Roompact accounts.

The Search Box at the top of your Roompact environment allows you to quickly look up resident names and locations (such as buildings, floors, suites, and rooms). The Search Box also accepts reverse look ups of residents by phone number, email, and student ID number (provided this information is sent to Roompact.)

My Account

In the upper right of your Roompact environment, you will find My Account. Clicking on My Account will give you a drop down of various options related to your overall administrative settings in Roompact. Read on to learn more about each of these options.

Switch To…

Sometimes staff will have a resident assignment in Roompact’s software and a staff member account. This most frequently happens with student staff members who are likely stored in your Housing Management System and whose room assignments are sent to Roompact. When this occurs, the staff member can switch between their Resident View and their Staff View by clicking on My Account in the upper right of their screens and selecting the “Switch to…” option. If you do not have a second view, this option will be hidden.

Profile Settings

Profile Settings

Profile settings allows you to edit your basic information, change your password (if you use Roompact authentication, not single sign-on), or change your profile photo.

You can also update your phone number. For professional staff, this number is not shared or displayed to anyone else, but is instead used for any text message notifications (either through Staff Alert or Roompact Notifications).

Notification Settings

Notification Settings

Notification settings includes some of the global notifications you can choose to receive via email or text. There are two options:

  • The Room Status Change Notification alerts you every time a staff member changes the Room Status of a room, changing its color to green, yellow, or red.
  • Resident Message Notifications alerts you every time a resident responds to a text message you’ve sent through Message Center.

View Archived Data

View Archived Data

The Archived Data feature allows you to select a date and see your data in Roompact as it was on that date–including residents who may have moved out.



The Roompact staff will occasionally send out announcements that will appear at the top of your Hub as a banner. You can close the banner, but all current announcements can also be found in Announcements.

Accessibility Mode

Accesibility Mode

Roompact’s software already meets accessibility guidelines for WCAG 2.0 level A and level AA. Accessibility mode boosts this further for users that require WCAG 2.0 level AAA compliance.

Account Management is a feature that allows you to view resident access and information and view, add, remove, and manage staff access at all levels. Depending on your own access permissions in Roompact’s software, you may be able to:

  • Manage Users – Look up individual resident accounts or look up and modify individual staff accounts.
  • Staff List – View a staff access list and bulk remove staff access at the end of a term.
  • Bulk Staff Upload – Add new staff member access all at once at the beginning of a term.


The Resources feature allows you to add website links or upload files that either your staff or residents can access. This can include handbooks, manuals, or frequently accessed apps and sites.

You can organize these resources into categories and also restrict who can see specific links to resident or to staff, by their level of access.

Learn More in our Support Portal

Our support portal provides more detailed information and instructions on getting started in Roompact’s software. Learn more about topics such as…

  • Switching Between “Resident View” and “Staff View”
  • Edit Your Profile Settings
  • Searching for Rooms or Residents
  • Receive Notifications For Room Statuses Changes and Resident Messages
  • Resident Welcome Emails
  • Set a “Housing Contact” for Student Users
  • Resources Feature – Custom Files and/or Links For Staff and Residents
  • Viewing Archived Data
  • Accessibility in Roompact