6 Ways of Building Residence Hall Community Updated for the Social Media Age

Employing a Residential Curriculum entails building a residence life program that is learning-centered.  Previous movements within residence life focused more narrowly on wellness or community. Moving towards a learning-centered orientation is often more intentional, more transformational, more holistic, and leads to better outcomes for students. Making this shift, however, does not necessarily entail that one doesn’t engage in education around issues of... Continue Reading →

Ways to Connect With Others Around Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approaches On Social Media…

Like every endeavor, understanding and implementing a curricular approach to residential life and student affairs is a journey. That journey, like most learning, is often a messy process. Although there is an Institute, a number of resources that can help guide you, and trainers and consultants that can help, connecting with peers and sharing challenges... Continue Reading →

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