Technology Is A Tool, NOT A Learning Outcome

At Roompact, we love technology. We are, after all, a software company. But we also love learning. Our main mission is to enhance the educational experience in the residence halls and to enhance learning for all students. We do this through providing both student and educator-facing tools. Sometimes our tools help make processes more efficient, so that... Continue Reading →

The Challenge of Designing Apps for Programming Models and Residential Curriculum

As a residential education software company working with many different colleges and universities, Roompact designs its software in a way that can accommodate the range of approaches institutions can take to the learning process in the residence halls. One of the most interesting design challenges we have confronted is how to accommodate both residential curriculum models and category-based... Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask New Housing and Residence Life Tech Vendors Before You Purchase

Technology holds the promise to help housing and residence life professionals achieve their goals and work with students in a more efficient and effective manner. Deciding what your needs are and what software to purchase, however, requires professionals to approach the purchasing process with intentionality. The ACUHO-I Core Competencies state that when reviewing potential vendor... Continue Reading →

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